Tin Cup Copper Prospect

The Tin Cup prospect is located approximately 10km west-northwest of Black Rock and comprises a total of 93 claims and one section of state lease land covering an area of 2,500 acres. A total of 181 rock samples were collected along trends of observed Cu- and Fe-oxides associated with identified structures at Tin Cup; Copper values ranged from the lower detection limit to 5.61% Cu. The prospect area is situated directly along the North Granite Mountains Fault system; on the northern Tin Cup Springs trend initial results have identified anomalous to 1.04% Cu at surface for 2.5km of east-west strike. To the south, along the northeast trending Red Boy structure, Cu has been sampled in rock outcropping along 2.3km of strike yielding anomalous copper grades up to 5.61% Cu. Mineralization appears in banded chert, jasperoid, and gossans that are bound by granite gneiss, basalt, all with variable magnetite content and visible Cu oxide staining; chalcopyrite has also been observed in less oxidized samples. A ground magnetic survey is in progress which will provide additional information about the underlying structural geology. Field work in 2022 will consist of detailed mapping, grid soil sampling, and geophysical surveying of the area to assess the potential extent of sulfide mineralization prior to drilling.

Table 2. Rock Samples from Tin Cup Area at 0.2% Copper Cut-Off

Figure 2. Wyoming Geologic Map with Locations of Visionary Prospects